Thursday, 3 October 2013

Perusing Previews - October 2013

I'm sure the Create Your Own figures will be great fun for kids of all ages, but I have to wonder why you can get a Superhuman Male but not a Superhuman Female? Isn't that just reinforcing the idea that all female superheroes have to have the same body shape?

Man, I love Frank Thorne's art but . . . $150? Not that much, sad to say.

A six foot tall Stormtrooper to stand in your room for $2,300?! Man, for that money I'd want him to at least open a bottle of beer occasionally.

With James Robinson off Earth 2 and out of DC completely, I'll be picking this up from him.

Yes, I'd be hiding my face if I was wearing this as well.

The Ultimate Character Guide?! What are they talking about? Superman still has his red undies; Wonder Woman is in the Jim Lee designed outfit that hardly got used and Darkseid's in his classic costume. This is clearly pre-New 52 so is at least two years out of date!

And the hyper sexualised creepy PVC Japanese statue of the month is . . .

Seriously, who buys these things?


  1. Ha ha, dead on with the comments Gary, especially on the DC book. Jesus, DC is just a giant disorganized mess right now huh?

    As for the sexy, barely clothed pvc figurines....well the Japs do love their perversions:)
    Hell, they have vending machines filled with used panties. Let that one sink in:)

  2. I have a soft spot for character guides but I haven't seen good up to date ones in awhile.

    I don't know who buys those creepy statues and I hope I never do.


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