Sunday, 13 October 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #246

Isn't it annoying when they do that?

Two comics... man, some weeks just suck.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #24  -Relic's assault on the Lantern Corps continues; having blown up the Central Power Battery, he's put Oa in very real danger as it's due to explode imminently. Jordan again proves his leadership (after his stupidity is pointed out to him by John Stewart) and comes up with a plan to evacuate the planet, but it's John who comes up with and executes the diversion allowing the rest of the GLC to escape. By issue's end, things look pretty grim for the Green Lanterns and the other Corps.

Not bad at all. The actions rolls along nicely and John shines as both the voice of reason and the tactician.

WORLDS' FINEST #16 - Huntress tracks down the arsonist behind two attacks on fashion shows, someone who can apparently bend physics to her own devices, while Power Girl sets out to re-establish her business and at the same time attempt to stabilise her powers again.

And that's pretty much it; the new villain sorta/kinda reminds me of Jinx from the Fearsome Five and it's somewhat annoying/disappointing to see Power Girl whining, but really, not much else of note happens.

And what made me smile:

That's Voz releasing everyone from the Sciencells on Oa before it's destroyed and look who's back:

That's Flicker, a GL villain created by Gerard Jones back in the early 90's when he wrote just about everything GL related and who, apart from a quick cameo back in 2006, hasn't been seen for nearly twenty years! A nice nod back to the old days, there.


  1. Flicker's back? Oh hell that does take me back. Good for Vendetti or the artist to include as an easter egg, even if he might not be used......yet.

    1. And, unless I'm mistaken, over on the far left of the picture is Evil Star and he hasn't been around for a while either.

  2. Gerard Jones. *sigh*

    "The Trouble With Girls" *sigh*

    Miss him writing for comics

    1. With you there - like many writers he had high and low points but his GL stuff was mostly spot on.


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