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What's Geoff Johns Going To Write Next?

Over at the excellent Slay, Monstrobot... blog, snell asks the following:
Whither Geoff Johns? 
So, Geoff Johns has left Green Lantern, he's leaving Aquaman, he's leaving JLA. When Forever Evil (eventually) ends, the only book he's known to be writing is Justice League. 
Which is interesting, because Johns is the Golden Boy, the one writer guaranteed to goose sales substantially. Remember how they had him co-write the first issue of Vibe, just to trick people into reading it? 
So it seems unlikely that DC is going to allow their "indispensable man" to script only one book, even if it is the flagship. Surely he has to be writing at least one more mag?
He then offers up a few "wild ass guesses", leading off with what I think is an inevitable series, Shazam! Following the success of the back-ups in Justice League that launched the character, it makes sense for Johns to continue with it.

Snell makes plenty of other guesses, as do some of the commenters but one title popped into my head as I awoke this morning around 6:45 and, selfishly, I thought rather than post it as a comment on snell's blog, I'd do it on mine!

Forever Evil #1 starts with Lex Luthor threatening Thomas Kord in order to buy out his company. Thomas refuses, saying that one day his son will run it.

We all took that as foreshadowing Ted Kord's return to the DCU as Blue Beetle . . . but what if Johns is going to write a Ted Kord Blue Beetle series?!

I for one would buy that in a heartbeat.

(It took me five minutes to write the text for this post and about half an hour to mash the two covers together to produce the above image - I'm too good to you people.)


  1. My only concern about your pick is whether DC would want to invite the bad publicity of walking back yet another minority legacy hero in favor of his white predecessor. Then again, DC seemingly never thinks about public perception before they act, so why not?

    Johns is the one who killed Ted Kord in the first place, so there would be some poetic justice...

    1. If Johns does write a Ted Kord series, that would be the best part about it.

      I wonder if he might do a new Stargirl series. I'm betting it would be very different from the previous one...

    2. Ha, yeah, PR doesn't seem to be high on their list of priorities. They seem to believe the maxim that any news is good news.

    3. A new Stargirl series? Hmmm, doubt it myself, but yeah it would be so different from the light, fun series from a few years back. You know, when DC was fun.

  2. Isn't Geoff Johns busy being their "other media" guy at this point? I thought I'd read that he was working on Arrow and one of the major drivers of the proposed Flash TV show that the CW is fast-tracking (hah) into production.

    Especially with the aggressive timetable they're talking about with Flash, I wouldn't be surprised if he needed to take some time away from comics writing to deal with the TV side of things.

    1. Good thought - he's going to be busy with all that stuff so maybe he is taking a sabbatical.

  3. He really should. I think he's been burnt-out creatively since even before the reboot began, so yeah, rest, re-charge, and give the fans something different and exciting like he used to deliver all those years ago.

    I highly doubt we'll see a Ted Kord solo, but maybe with his being mentioned, it sets up his eventual return. Maybe he's not BB anymore, or maybe he does. We'll all have to wait and see.

    1. I think we might see a new Beetle though maybe not in a solo book; maybe he'll end up in the new JL of Canada?!

  4. I do think he's setting up something for Ted and maybe Booster but I'm not sure if he'll be Blue Beetle. Especially with DC saying no to more than one person having a certain name on one world at one time.

    1. I thought the embargo was on having same name heroes on two worlds with the exception of the big guns like GL and Flash?

      And even if they only want one hero per name per world, as much as I love Jaime, DC wouldn't be above killing him off to bring in Ted.


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