Sunday, 29 September 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #244

I know, right? That's why I cycle.

Well where the heck did last week go? Last thing I knew it was Monday... work, man... gets in the way of everything sometimes. Anyway - comics:

AQUAMAN #23.2 - thanks to the Crime Syndicate, Ocean Master breaks out of Belle Reve and heads back to the ocean, along the way earning a little sympathy from the reader as he helps a young mother and her eight year old son, proving he's not a completely evil person.

Not bad on the whole.

FATALE #17 - as Nick tries to work out who is rescuer is in the present, back in the 90's Josephine's effect on the one hit wonder grunge band continues towards its inevitable end. And to top it off, Mr Bishop has returned, still determined to catch her.

I've said before that my little write ups really don't do this series justice. If you like a noir/crime/horror mash-up, do yourself a favour and track down the collected editions.

GREEN LANTERN #23.4 - Lyssa Drak tells the story of how Sinestro came to be the greatest Green Lantern and how he fell thanks to the traitor (as she saw it) Hal Jordan. At the end of it, she's off to find him.

I did wonder why Sinestro was back on the cover of Forever Evil #1 after Geoff Johns sent him away at the end of his run on Green Lantern but it turns out he's not yet back in business. Which I think is a good thing - let's give him a rest, eh?

JUSTICE LEAGUE #23.4 - the Outsider, Earth-3's Alfred Pennyworth, tells of how Owlman lost his partner, Talon, to their Earth's Joker, a death that Alfred feels Owlman has some responsibility for. That Talon was Earth-3's Dick Grayson goes some way to explaining why the Syndicate have unmasked Nightwing since they came to Earth.

Not bad at all on the whole.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #7.4 - Amon and his sister Adrianna aid the Sons of Adam terrorist group in resurrecting Black Adam so soon after he'd been turned to dust and in moments he's deposed the US-installed puppet leader and put himself back in place as the country's defender.

Again, not bad; with the appearance of Amon and Adrianna you have to wonder whether we're going to get Isis and/or Osiris back as well.

And what made me smile:

Honestly, with all these villains around there wasn't much to choose from.

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