Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday Night Fights - Fight Like A Girl

I missed last week's fight due to life getting in the way but Spacebooger demands I put one up this week!
Is there anything worse in the DCU than a rogue Superman?

Yeah, a whiny-ass rogue Superboyman from an alternate Earth who's just beat up a dog!

But it's okay, cos the real deal's here and he's brought some friends:

But SuperboyMAN-Prime never knew when to keep his mouth shut:

That's right, kid man, insult Power Girl and Supergirl, two of the most powerful heroes on the planet. What's that going to get you?

And he is outta there!

You know the drill by now, but here it is anyway: head over to Spacebooger after 11PM EST by clicking on the link or the picture below, check out the other fights then vote for me! (Or someone else, I suppose)

You first got two Supergirls for the price of one in Tales of The Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime #1, cover dated December 2007, written by the ubiquitous Geoff Johns with art by Pete Woods.

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