Thursday, 20 January 2011

Have A Little Faith

I've posted before about not being that excited about the forthcoming Judge Dredd movie but after reading a report over at Bleeding Cool by Dredd co-creator John Wagner, maybe I should just cut them some slack:
No, the uniform doesn’t look like a muscle suit. It is very believable. To others – as they say at PMQs – I refer you to my earlier answers. I’m very satisfied with the way it’s going but it’s not going to fulfill everyone’s hopes and …dreams – that would be impossible with so many diverse demands upon it. Let’s say that it’s a damned good start and my guess is that most fans are going to like it a lot. Remember, if this one does well there will be more films to follow and these will cover other aspects of Mega-City life. By the end of it we should have a very good picture of Dredd’s world in the round.
If Wagner's happy with it, I guess we should be too.

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