Friday, 28 November 2008

Friday Night Fights - Predator vs Terminator DC Style!

Been so busy in work lately I've had no time to do anything - except fight as Spacebooger demands!

So Dark Horse comics have the whole Predator/Terminator franchises sewn up. Who cares? Back in the early 90's, DC were doing their own thing with characters who had the same names:
Before Deathstroke became the uber assassin he's been claimed to be recently, even Arisia, the alien Green Lantern girlfriend of Hal Jordan, could kick his ass. Admittedly while she was possessed by the Predator who had also inhabited Carol Ferris, another of Jordan's girlfriends. Man, and I thought I'd been out with some strange girls . . .
But what's the best way to get a possessed alien off you?
A face full of CHOW! Trouble is, Deathstroke's just too confident:
And where's that flaming SHHPP ended up? I think every male reading this can tell by Deathstroke's bulging eyeball.

Is there anything worse than an alien girl punching you there? Only Spacebooger knows!

This interspecies related violence was first seen in Green Lantern Vol 2 #42, cover dated June 1993, written by Gerard Jones with art by Scott Kolins, Mark D. Bright, Steve Mattsson and Romeo Tanghal.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Friday Night Fights - Sokking It To The Nazis!

Friday Night Fights is onomatopoeia mad at the moment and what's better than hearing a solid punch land?
Why, the build up! Hourman takes on Baron Blitzkrieg in the blistering Crisis on Earth-X!
But what's this, our all-American hero defeated? Who could help him? Only the spirit of America, Uncle Sam himself!
What's better than hearing a solid punch land? Hearing it land on a Nazi!

Hail to the chief . . . and Spacebooger!

This bout of international relations first appeared in All-Star Squadron #35, cover dated July 1984, written by Roy Thomas with art by Rick Hoberg and Bill Collins.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Friday Night Fights - When Green Lanterns Collide!

As you probably know by now, the wonderful people at Spacebooger are continuing the Friday Night Fights that recently finished over at Bahlactus and the first round is Ka-Pow! where every entry must contain an onomatopoeia associated with the final blow.

As I'm currently going through my old Green Lantern comics at the moment, my entry was almost too easy to choose:
That's Guy Gardner being attacked by fellow Lantern Apros while K'ryssma looks on. Of course, those big boots of Guy's come in handy!
All that hair isn't good in a fight - I mean it's bound to get in the way.
Told you - K'ryssma should have had that cut before tangling with Gardner as she just ends up with a face full of BLAM . . . just as Spacebooger demanded!

This display of gratuitous violence was first seen in Green Lantern vol 2 # 205

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Final Crisis #4 Annotations Complete

Finished the notes on Final Crisis #4 over at the Annotated Final Crisis.

There's a few things I need a hand with in this issue in so far as identifying a couple of characters. You can find all the ones in the Help Needed page but lets see if we can get something out here as well:

Pages 12-13 - Panel 1    In the skies above Checkmate's castle, Hawkgirl battles Silver Swan though I'm unsure as to who the flaming, flying character on the left is. Anyone?

Pages 12-13 - Panel 3    Green Lantern Alan Scott stands in front of a large screen depicting the status of various heroes. In the very top right hand corner is an unknown gold coloured man.  --  solved; it was Robotman.

Pages 12-13 - Panel 5    Not reading Checkmate, I'm unsure of who the speaker is; beside him are Amanda Waller and The Question, Rene Montoya.  --  solved; it was Taleb Beni Khalid.

Page 24 - Panel 2    Above the Checkmate castle from the top down are Killer Moth; an unknown Justifier; Hawkgirl; possibly Sun Girl; Green Lantern Alan Scott; Bolt; Man-Bat; and, in the whirlpool, Typhoon.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Place Your Bets Part II

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the upcoming tournament in Terror Titans and made some guesses as to who would win their fights. With issue #2 in front of me, I can run through the results of Round One and see how I did:

Pristine vs Offspring - Predicted Offspring to win - nope, Pristine won with what looked to be some big floating eyeball that went Fwapp!
Terra vs Zatara - Predicted Terra to win - got that right; that's the power of having a new mini-series out, folks!
Aquagirl vs The Face - Predicted Aquagirl to win - got that right as well; The Face (whoever the hell he is) was downed with a single kick.
Ravager vs TNTeena - Predicted Ravager to win - got that right but that was no contest; like I said a couple of weeks ago, this might be called Terror Titans but it's essentially Ravager's mini-series.
Hardrock vs Gypsy - Predicted Gypsy to win - my winning streak comes to a halt as Hardrock won just by flicking a bit of rock at Gypsy; can't see it myself but that's the result.
Young Frankenstein vs Son of the Fallen - Predicted Young Frankenstein to win - and right again as a big green fist to the face wins out.
Poprocket vs Star-Spangled Kid - Predicted Star-Spangled Kid to win - and got that right though it was made to look like a close call.
Sapphire vs Argent - Predicted Argent to win - but Sapphire won this one even though the artwork made it look like Argent won.

So I called five out of the eight fights correct - just over 60% isn't bad going but, of course, that has ruined some of my later predictions. Here's my new
Round 2
Pristine vs Terra - Terra to win; again, there's that mini-series and she'll go through to meet the lead of this series.
Aquagirl vs Ravager - my only surviving prediction and I'm still going for Ravager.
Hardrock vs Young Frankenstein - I'm going with Young Frankenstein.
Star-Spangled Kid vs Sapphire - I'm going to say the Kid's going to win this one as well as I still see him and Ravager in the final.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Getting There

Hope everyone had a good Halloween - I had fun with my wife and friends but because of that missed what appears to have been the very last Friday Night Fight.

Shame, as I enjoyed playing along with those.

Anyhow, have finally gotten off my behind and started trying to catch up with some annotations - have begun the notes for Final Crisis #4 and hope to have them done in a day or so and can then crack on with some of the others.


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