Sunday, 26 October 2008

Place Your Bets

I'm going to forgo the usual Cocktail post this week to focus on something that appeared on the DC Nation pages at the back of several of this weeks' comics - the Dark Side Club Tournament that's upcoming in the Terror Titans mini-series.
I've not read anything about this so it kinda caught me by surprise, but I can't help run through it and try and guess who will win. So, here's my predictions, round by round:

Round 1
Pristine vs Offspring - Offspring to win; I've no idea who Pristine is which makes me instantly discount them as cannon fodder which, I'll warn you now, is going to be my reasoning for much of this round.
Terra vs Zatara - Terra to win; Zatara's a fairly well fleshed out character in the Teen Titans, but Terra's got a new mini-series coming up.
Aquagirl vs The Face - Aquagirl to win; The Face is cannon fodder again.
Ravager vs TNTeena - oh so easily Ravager to win; this mini-series might be called Terror Titans, but it's Ravager who's the star here.
Hardrock vs Gypsy - Gypsy to win; this is all about experience vs brute force.
Young Frankenstein vs Son of the Fallen - Young Frankenstein to win; cannon fodder rule comes into play once more.
Poprocket vs Star-Spangled Kid - Star-Spangled Kid to win; cannon fodder once more - I mean, come on: Poprocket?!
Sapphire vs Argent - Argent to win; cannon fodder again, you see
Round 2
Offspring vs Terra - Terra to win; Offspring's funny but, again, Terra's got that mini-series that'll carry her through this round at least.
Aquagirl vs Ravager - Ravager to win again; this is still her series.
Gypsy vs Young Frankenstein - Gypsy to win; she's got the experience but from a story point of view, her win will benefit her next fight if I'm right about the result of the last Round 2 match.
Star-Spangled Kid vs Argent - Star-Spangled Kid to win; his win will prevent an all-female semi-final.
Round 3 - The Semi-Finals
Terra vs Ravager - Ravager to win; Terra's new mini-series will be no good against the star of this mini-series so she's going down!
Gypsy vs Star-Spangled Kid - Star-Spangled Kid to win; two definite heroes fighting against each other, one of whom was in the JLA, the other is a new legacy character, will give this last fight a touch of drama.
The Final
Ravager vs Star-Spangled Kid - I'm going to go all out and bet that neither of them will win; by this point, Ravager will have realised just how evil the Terror Titans are and will work with Star-Spangled Kid to bring them down.


  1. This just depresses me. What, are they looking to slaughter a bunch of characters again? Pulling in an obscure character just to kill him (or her) is lazy, bad writing, as well as a waste.


  2. Looks that way, mate. I think most of the characters who get through to round two will live even if defeated, but I don't hold out much hope for the cannon fodder in round one.


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