About The Crisis...

This blog is where I babble on and on about comics, but you probably guessed that already. I try and post once a day with the exception of Saturdays (except when I do, of course) and tend to write about anything and everything - whatever catches my eye, but there's a selection of regular (or semi-regular in some cases) types of post you can find by clicking on the big headings below:

Anything with this tag relates to the sites I've made which deal with several of the big DC events such as Blackest Night, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis and others. You can find links to them in the links page.

Being British, I'm occasionally amused or frustrated by American takes on the English language or their portrayal of Britain itself which you can find with this label.

For my sins, I'm something of a fan of the old Detroit League and have written up summaries of all their adventures.

Each Monday in 2012 I'll be posting the contents of the original 1985-86 Who's Who in the DC Universe series, trying to guess which characters will make it over to the New 52.

My quick, snapshot thoughts about the week's comics, usually posted at 1pm on a Sunday.

Check out the Tag Cloud on the left hand side to find more.


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