My sites:

The Annotated Blackest Night - DC's Green Lantern-centric event of 2009/10 featuring the return of dozens of dead heroes and villains

The Annotated DC Project - an ongoing project where I'll be annotated big DC events of the past including Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Underworld Unleashed and (eventually!) more

The Annotated Final Crisis - Grant Morrison's epic superhero tale of the world after evil won

The Annotated Infinite Crisis - the sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths and the return of the original superhero

Friends and References (check out the Blog Roll on the main page to see the Blogs I follow)

DC Comics - the homepage of DC.

The Annotated Crisis On Infinite Earths - the inspiration for my annotations sites, this is a comprehensive look at one of the biggest comics events ever. - a site offering an inexpensive yet powerful and customisable database for storing details about your comic collection; thoroughly recommended.

Enjolrasworld - a site dedicated to collating comic book annotations; well worth a look.

The Unauthorized Chronology Of The DC Universe - a staggering amount of work put in to trying to get the DCU's timeline straight.

Who's Who In The DC Universe - an excellent reference site for finding out details about most DC characters.

Comicvine - a huge database with info on characters, series and lots more.

The DC Database - a wiki devoted to DC Comics.

Titans Tower - all you need to know about the various Titan teams.


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