Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More Rings Than You Could Possibly Imagine

And more news from the DC Source blog: a new Red Lantern ongoing book will debut in 2011.

That, in itself, came as a bit of a surprise - I have to wonder how long an ongoing series based around characters who are little more than big balls of mindless agression can be sustained. When there's only one character in the Red Lantern Corps who can actually put a sentence together (the others make do with GRRR! ARRRGH!) you have to question how this is going to work.

For me, though, the big disappointment was the announcement that the writer is going to be Peter Milligan. The last thing I read by him was Infinity, Inc. back in 2007. I lasted the first three issues before I ditched it as it simply didn't work for me.

This puts me in a quandry: I'm a Green Lantern fan but I don't have an inexhaustable supply of money and I don't like the writer.

Think I might try out a few issues and see how it goes.

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