Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday Night Fights - You Can Choose Your Friends...

It's Friday once more and you know what that means, don't you?

A quiet get-together at the house of Titus Thomas Jordan - rich old uncle to Hal "Green Lantern" Jordan himself - is interrupted by the arrival of a hitherto unknown member of the Jordan clan:

That's Doug Jordan from Tennessee - but you can call him "Hip"! Thing is, his sudden appearance (not to mention his less than savoury appearance) builds suspicion and it's not long before Hip overhears Sue Jordan demanding that Green Lantern do something. Lantern ain't Hip's bag and he splits, heading into the trees around the house.

Green Lantern's up and running in no time, tracking Hip down.

But what's this? Green Lantern doubting himself?

Winded? Sore feet?! This can't end well . . .

Oooh, that's gonna smart! Surely Green Lantern can't be felled by a smack on the head?

Old Hip's true colours are in no doubt as he makes off with Green Lantern and Uncle Titus's Rolls Royce

Wait . . . that's Hal in the middle . . .

Oh, Sue - you made Jim Jordan dress up as Green Lantern and go after Hip! That explains everything!

You know the drill by now, people:

This confusion of costumed capers first appeared in Green Lantern #71, cover dated September 1969, written by John Broome with art by Dick Dillin and Murphy Anderson, scans taken from Showcase Presents: Green Lantern vol 4.


  1. Two thoughts:

    (A) What else did she have him do as Green Lantern?

    (B) Considering that GL is often seen with Carol Ferris, whom her brother-in-law keeps wanting to date (the reasoning escapes me) what's going through Sue's mind, or do I not want to know?

  2. Heh - cheers, you've just given me an idea for a future post.


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