Thursday, 13 January 2011

Flashpoint Teaser Pics

Over at the DCU Source blog they're running pictures as teases for the upcoming Flashpoint storyline . . . which I still haven't decided whether or not to annotate!

This was the first one:

and the others seem to be following the same theme: logo with a sentence above it, hinting at changes to the DCU's established (I use that term loosely) history / timeline.

Thing is, I read "The spaceship never crashed." and instantly thought of one image.

Nope, not this one:

Not even this one:

No, the first thing my mind went to when I read "The spaceship never crashed." was this:

Yep, Animal Man's origin.

Where the hell's my head at?


  1. Oh thank heavens, I thought of that too. One of us, one of us ...

    Mind, I wasn't sure if I was misremembering. I'm old you know!

  2. Hey, a Freaks reference!

    I've no idea why I first thought of Animal Man; I blame Grant Morrison.


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