Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday Night Fights - The Dynamic Duel

It's a New Year, a time for resolutions and things to change but not over at Spacebooger! Oh no, the New Year simply means new fights to that guy.

If there's one thing you can pretty much bet on it's that the original Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin, are always going to be best buddies, right?

Apparently not.

But it's okay, because those aren't the originals. Robin there is clearly Tim Drake and Batman? Well, he's Tim Drake as well.

Due to some time travelling shenanigans, Robin's ended up in a future where he grows up to be a mean and gritty Batman who carries a gun.

Needless to say the young Tim isn't happy with that.

And with that, future-Batman's down!

Another thing that hasn't changed in this New Year is that we still need your votes, people. Head over to Spacebooger by clicking the picture below, check out the other fights from 11PM (EST) and vote for your favourite.

This time travelling trouncing first appeared in Teen Titans #17, cover dated December 2004, written by Geoff Johns with art by Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza.

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