Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday Memes #4

Every now and then, usually on team books, a New Guy turns up which is always an excuse to plaster them all over the cover:

And sometimes it's not a guy but a gal like the time Dr Fate was a woman and joined the Justice League again. For the first time.

But it's not only team books - solo titles get the New Guy treatment as well:

You gotta love John Stewart pushing Hal Jordan out of the way as he proclaims that he's Green Lantern!


  1. I'd forgotten Dr Fate had even shown up with the Lesgue. Oh, I just loved Inza's run as Dr Fate, neighbourhood protector. Once Monolith is traded, we need another Fscebook campaign!

  2. Sadly she wasn't in the League for long - just a handful of appearances when they had a small crossover with JL Europe.


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