Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Starting To Dredd It

Busy as all heck in work in the run up to Christmas so the number of posts might slip but hey, that's life.

I've been kinda looking forward to the forthcoming Judge Dredd movie, particularly after having seen the first image of Karl Urban as Dredd:

That works for me - sure, the oversized shoulder pad and eagle are pretty much non-existant but the general look is there.

However, after having seen more set pictures from the film, it's all starting to look a bit . . . boring. I mean, look at this:

What are they? Cop cars and an ambulance.

This is a Mega City med wagon:

And as for the cars - where's the Lawmaster bikes?!

Sure, it's early days but those shots don't inspire much confidence in me.


  1. As long as he doesn't remove his helmet and Rob Schneider isn't allowed within 1000ft of the set, I'm sure it will be fine. Maybe the cop cars and ambulances are from a flashback sequence?

  2. Flashback sequence? Nice idea, let's hope it pans out.

    I think there's more chance of Stallone making a cameo than Rob Schneider turning up!!


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