Thursday, 30 December 2010

Where In The Worlds?

Just read an article over at Newsarama about 11 Things to Watch in the New Year, one of which being the much touted Multiversity by Grant Morrison where the crazy Scotsman takes us on a tour of the DC Multiverse. From the article:
Described as a tour of the 52 universes, this upcoming eight-issue series from DC pits Grant Morrison and an all-star list of artists with defining and redefining seven of the most prominent universes in the DC’s Multiverse. Each of the first seven issues will work as a defacto one-shot for a universe, complete with heroes and villains, while the eight will pull it together into one massive story.
which got me to thinking about which of the 52 universes Morrison would go for. Earth 4 (the Charlton/Watchmen heroes) has already been reported as being one of them, along with Earth 5 where Morrison will take on the Marvel family, which leaves five Earths to guess at.

I think he'll skip over those we've already seen as developed somewhat: Earth 3 with the Crime Society is another version of what he did in JLA: Earth-2 so he's not going to have room to experiment there; similarly Earths 8 and 9, home to the Extremists and the Tangent heroes respectively both of which have been covered in their own series. Others featured in Elseworlds one-shots probably won't get a look in, either for the same reason. With that in mind, here are my guesses:

Earth 10 - considering the quote about "the most prominent universes" I'd have to say this is a given: heroes fighting Nazis? How could this not be included?!

Earth 20 - one of those (if my memory serves) we caught a glimpse of at the end of 52 where the heroes were styled as sort of 20's/30's pulp versions. Got to be worth exploring.

Earth 26 - an outsider, if you ask me, as it's the home of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew. They ended up on New Earth but as normal animals . . . at least until Morrison himself gave them back their powers in Final Crisis so he's got previous with them.

Earth 44 - we got a glimpse of this Earth's Justice League in Final Crisis as well, where the League are actually the Metal Men/robotic versions of our JLA. Another Morrison idea which he could return to.

Earth Obama Superman - again, a Final Crisis world we had a brief look at where Superman was the African American President of the United States. As far as I know, it hasn't been numbered.

Anyone else like to throw some Earth's into the ring?


  1. I have always been a fan of the Multiverse/Elseworlds concept.

    I wouldn't mind a further exploration of Earth 40 (JSA: Liberty Files), Earth 31 ("The Dark Knight Returns") or Earth 11 (the reverse gender world)....

  2. I doubt Morrison would do anything with 40 or 31 simply because others have already explored them in such detail. 11's a possible, though, as it might appeal to his paradigm shifting sensibilities?!


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