Thursday, 9 December 2010

Less Dredd-ful News

I'm sorry, I swear I'll never make another Dredd pun, okay?

Just read the list for 2000AD / Rebellion reprints over at Bleeding Cool and there's some really good news.

Not only will there be volumes 17 and 18 of Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files . . .

Not only will there be volume 2 of Judge Anderson: The Psi Files . . .

. . . but finally, finally, FINALLY! they're giving one of my favourite childhood stories the same treatment.

In September next year, we get Flesh: The Dino Files!

Okay, I deliberately went for the cheesy cover but seriously, you cannot underestimate just how awesome this story was back in the late 70s: time-travelling cowboys from the future farming dinosaurs for their meat!

September 2011 cannot come fast enough.

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