Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Did I Miss Anything?

So, I was away from the internet for most of last week . . . anything happen in the comic world? Any announcements about Oscar winning actors being picked to play iconic superheroes? Anything like that?

I caught some of the firestorm about Ben Affleck being picked to be the new Batman - it really is laughable when the internet just melts in a fireball of anger and indignation because a choice has been made that down't fit with what some people wanted.

What are the chances that the choice for the new Batman would have met with universal agreement? If Actor A (star of many films, proven track record, has won awards) was chosen, Film Fan would be happy but Comic Book Reader would not. If Actor B (appeared in several fan films, understands the character, firm fan favourite) then Comic Book Reader would be happy but General Viewing Public would be scratching their heads while saying "Who's he?"

My take is let's wait and see what Affleck does with the role. If he's great then all's well with the world. If not then lots of people can say "I told you so!" while feeling smug. Either way, we're not going to know for a while yet.

Like I said, getting a universal agreement (on many roles, let alone Batman) was likely to be impossible, but the vitriol and anger poured out by the internet is just pointless.

And it makes Batman sad.

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