Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Trinity War Re-Speculation

Trinity War came to an end last week in the pages of Justice League #23 and, on the whole, I happen to think it was pretty good. The big reveal of the Crime Syndicate at the end was done well, although I had to chuckle at Madame Xanadu's line "...it was the number... the true number of evil. Three. Earth-Three!" You have to wonder how, in the New 52 when clearly no-one's met the Crime Syndicate before that she knows Earth-Three is the home of evil - heck, they could be from Earth-Two for all she knows.

Silly things like that aside, it was enjoyable as I said.

It did also make me revisit my post from last year when I speculated about Trinity War following the reveal of the Free Comic Book Day teaser. There were something things I had wrong (thinking it was Black Adam, not Shazam; thinking Simon Baz was John Stewart in a new costume) though I was pleased that I included the line
"we may be looking at a new Earth 3 which, at a push, could link up with the trinity aspect."
and then in the comments
"My gut's saying an Earth 3/Crime Syndicate story and they'll time it for JLoA #21/#22 to hark back to the first JLA/JSA crossover."
Not too far off the mark, then?

Going back to last week's Justice League #23, we're left with one more mystery: the identity of Superwoman's prisoner.

I'm going to go for the obvious and suggest that it's Earth-Three's Alexander Luthor or possibly his son Alexander Luthor, Jr seeing as Geoff Johns killed the latter at the end of Infinite Crisis; it wouldn't be too far of a stretch for him to want to redeem the character he besmirched. Plus, that would possibly tie in to Forever Evil where Luthor is seen fighting this Earth's bad guys; could the Earth-Three Luthor get free, take his duplicate's place and then fight for the good guys?

I guess we wait and see.


  1. Unless Johns really pulls something original out his ass, I fully expect that to be some form or version of the Earth 3 Luthor. It wouldn't make sense for it to be anyone else at this point.

    I shit, and will continue to shit on the reboot, but....I love me some CSA, no matter what incarnation:)

    1. Something just jumped into my head as I read your comment: Nightwing's in for a rough time from the CSA - could the prisoner be the Earth-3 Dick Grayson? Maybe, I suppose, but I think the safe money's on Earth-3 Luthor.

      And yeah, you gotta love the Crime Syndicate, haven't you?

  2. Of course I do:)

    It could be the Earth-3 Dick Grayson. maybe they'll do a switch out who knows. I do know that our Dick Grayson is in for a hell of a time, and that he'll be made an example of to whatever hero's left on that the current earth that the CSA's the new "law" in town.

    1. Yeah, pity Nightwing right now - but the prisoner being Earth-3's Dick Grayson? Hmmm, possible...


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