Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Manners, Please

I don't get a massive number of comments on my posts - there's a handful of you who post semi-regularly and that's appreciated - so I've never felt the need to enforce a commenting policy. Comments on older posts have to be agreed by myself before they show up and I put that in place after a spate of spam-bot comments that seemed to target the old stuff.

If you like what I write then I'm happy to hear that; if you disagree with what I write, I'm equally happy to take some criticism as long as it's reasonable and constructive. As this blog's primarily DC based, there have been some readers who've offered their opinions of what has and hasn't worked since the reboot and I'm fine with that - some of it I agree with, some I don't. I hope they don't mind me name dropping them but neither Shlomo Ben Hungstien nor Dale Bagwell appear to be massive fans of the New 52 but at least they put sensible arguments across and I have no problem with that.

I'm not in the business of preventing people expressing their opinion as long as it's done with a certain degree of maturity and thought. By all means get angry about a person's work but don't get personal about the person - I've mentioned before how Ann Nocenti's writing on Green Arrow was so poor it led me to drop the title, but I never said anything about her as a person.

All of the above was prompted by a recent anonymous comment that someone left on an old post which read:
"DC comics began to suck in the nineties and becane [sic] worse until they became the joke they are today with the new 52 reboot DC Comics suck suck suck suck"
That's the sort of thing that I don't like. It's childish, basically. It's just someone standing in a school playground telling another kid their toys are rubbish or they smell or something.

There are things about the reboot I'm not a fan of and yes, part of me wishes we still had Ted Kord's Blue Beetle, Wally West's Flash and Donna Troy's . . . er . . . Donna Troy still running around. However, I'm glad we had Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE, Demon Knights and even the much maligned Voodoo. Not all of it worked for me and I find myself caring less and less about new titles coming from DC - Forever Evil's not doing anything new and the recently announced Forever Evil: Blight crossover just leaves me cold - but I'm not going to stand there and shout "You suck!"

What I will do is not buy the books and move on to something else.

Comments on my posts are more than welcome - seriously, I love interacting with my readers. But if someone posts examples of the above . . . well, from now on . . .


  1. No offense taken Gary. Hell, free plug really, so thx;)
    As to the unfortunate commenter, eh. It's the cons of having a blog and attempting to present stimulating topics that spring from our own shared likes and dislikes.
    Long way of saying, what Spanish Superman says;)

    1. Didn't think you'd be offended, but at the same time I wanted to make it clear I wasn't having a dig at any of my regular commenters!

      And "stimulating topics"? Here?!


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