Sunday, 6 October 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #245

And, as we all know, size matters

EARTH 2 #16 - the war against Steppenwolf comes to an end in a complete and utter defeat for the forces of the World Army even when they're supported by the heroes. And just as Steppenwolf declares himself ruler of Earth, he is betrayed by one of his own pets who claims the world not for himself, but for Darkseid.

Man, this is one heck of an ending, not only to the storyline but to Robinson's run on this title. I'm so sad to see him go and hope the new writer can keep up this level of quality.

FOREVER EVIL #2 - Luthor activates a malformed clone of Superman, resulting in yet another take on the Bizarro character while the Crime Syndicate set out their plans and fight amongst themselves. The Teen Titans show up to take on the Syndicate but are defeated and thrown into the future. And finally, Batman manages to get Cyborg's badly injured body back to his father.

Another Bizarro, another moment of Luthor putting on his green and purple armour. The Syndicate's prisoner is teased again as someone who's previously split the team up, and there's hints about what the Syndicate have fled from on their own planet. It's not terrible, but it's not brilliant, either. Oh, and who wants to tell Geoff Johns that moving the moon in front of the sun will not plunge the entire world into darkness?

GREEN LANTERN #24 - Relic arrives on Oa just after Kyle, Carol and the new Guardians get back and despite Hal's brief attempts at reasoning with him, he sets about draining the Central Power Battery and all the rings and batteries of the Corps. Despite their best efforts, they're defeated and the Central Battery is destroyed.

Not bad at all; Hal's both a bit of an arse and a capable leader here and Relic's turning out to be a real threat.

THE MOVEMENT #5 - Virtue and Captain Meeks meet in an attempt to reach an accord while the Movement stage a trial for the two corrupt cops. Elsewhere, the serial killer who's been stalking the streets attacks again but is stopped by Mouse before revealing he's part of a team hired by the city's leaders to take them all down.

This really should be better; it's just stumbling a little from one storyline to another at the moment.

THE STAR WARS #2 - the Empire strikes at Aquilae using a large space station that's no moon while politicians delay authorising any retaliation. Two robots make their first appearance and Annikin Starkiller meets Princess Leia for the first time - and knocks her out with a single punch.

It's like watching your favourite movie in an alternate dimension!

STORMWATCH #24 - AI tells Stormwatch about the new bad guy on the way called Extremax, who's lived for millennia and is searching for a way to defeat the Kollective, the bad guys Stormwatch has been fighting these past few issues. Extremax arrives in a ship bigger than the moon but no-one on Earth notices as it's in stealth mode . . . and they're busy being ruled by the Crime Syndicate, anyway.

Since Jim Starlin took over, this title may as well have been taking place on Earth-23 as it seems to take no part in the main DCU!

SWAMP THING #24 - Seeder and Swampy face off against each other and, as the cover promises, Seeder's identity is revealed: it's Jason Woodrue! Granted half-arsed powers by the Parliament of Trees, they've been trying to see whether he was worthy of becoming a new avatar and, to Swampy's enraged surprise, the Parliament decide that he and Seeder are to fight each other with the winner being the avatar.

This is really good; Seeder's identity and reason for being involved work a treat; the Parliament's bizarre idea fits nicely and Swamp Thing's reaction is priceless.

And what made me go "Woah! I didn't see that coming!"


  1. Sounds like the Vendetti era is starting to take shape in Green Lantern.

    1. You're not wrong, Tony - he's very definitely putting his own take on the title.


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