Monday, 17 June 2013

Monday Memories #24 - Top Ten #8

Each Monday this year I'll be taking a look back at a random comic, prestige format issue, graphic novel or collection of reprints from amongst my 3,000 or so comics that date from 1962 to 2003 - I figured anything in the last ten years would be too recent to hark back to.

The comics are chosen completely at random and apart from a four week lead-in period, even I don't know what I'll be looking at in the weeks to come!

TOP TEN #8 - June 2000

To say that Alan Moore's and Gene Ha's Top Ten was multilayered is a little like saying the Great Wall of Chine has a few bricks in it. With a full cast of well rounded characters, most of whom receive attention in every issue, and multiple storylines that run the length of the series, not to mention the visual Easter eggs that Ha drops in to the background on almost every page, Top Ten easily ranks as one of the most complex series Moore's put together. Despite that, it still reads wonderfully, a testament to Moore's skill.

In this issue there's the fallout of the arrest of M'rrgla Qualtz, the Libra killer; mention of the Ultra Mouse problem Duane's mother is having; the follow up of the Gorolko/Graczik case; but running alongside all of that is the main story.

An accident with the teleportation system has left a spaceship piloted by Mr Nebula and his now late wife Saroona fused together with Kapela, a member of the cavalry of the Great White, one of the sides in the Gamer Wars:

As the clean up crews work around them, Lieutenant Cathy "Peregrine" Colby elects to stay with Nebula and Kapela, knowing full well that due to the way they're fused, there can only be one outcome. Kapela seems aware of this while Nebula, understandably, is more than a little freaked out, at least at first.

While the rest of the precinct officers go about their day, Cathy remains with the victims until nightfall. There's some comfort when they discover the culprit behind the teleporter accident - a man attempting to make an unlicensed jump - but that still can't change the fate of Nebula and Kapela. As Nebula wonders whether his wife, who's from an alien world, is now with Jesus, Kapela offers his own take on death:

Call me an old softy if you like, but I found this issue to be incredibly poignant; Nebula and Kapela both come to an understanding and acceptance of their fate and of each other and pass away peacefully.

That's not a bad ending to hope for, is it?


  1. Great series. Wonderfully imaginative (yet familiar), with more cameos than can be believed.

    1. I loved this series and think it shows Moore's unfettered imagination at its best. There was just so much crammed into what could have been a bog-standard police procedure issue.

      And yeah, the Easter eggs in the art were a joy to discover.

    2. I forget his name, but the whole thing with the dog and his color blindness was hilarious.

    3. Segeant Kemlo, I think.

      And yeah, Girl One punching him because he could see her nakedness! Splendid stuff.

  2. Oh wow. I almost, almost teared up reading those panels as the progression of death approaches. Beautiful, simply beautiful. I have a few of these myself, but damn, now I want this one!

    1. I agree - it's heartfelt stuff. I thoroughly recommend this series, Dale; pick up the trades to get the whole thing, it's worth it.


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