Sunday, 23 June 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #231

At least she said please

DEMON KNIGHTS #21 - Jason Blood and Vandal Savage head through Merlin's portal to find a vast treasure horde wherein lays the Holy Grail. It is, of course, guarded and he and Savage have to fight their way past them. Or rather Savage does as Blood exacts revenge for all the torture Savage put him through by taking the Grail and leaving him behind, managing to return to the rest of the gang having pissed off both Lucifer and Etrigan.

Another splendid issue; I'll be sad when this finishes.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #21 - John Stewart and Fatality are trying to stop a world blowing up, the destruction caused by an unidentified race of aliens. While the Lanterns limit the devastation, the aliens trick them by shifting shape and getting away. Back on Oa, several Lanterns express their anger at Salaak for his perceived loyalty to the old Guardians but they're stopped by Soranik Natu. And more rings recruit more new Corps members.

Not bad on the whole, though it would be nice if John and Fatality were allowed to have a relationship.

GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #21 - the Templars - literally the New Guardians of the title - along with Hal Jordan coerce Kyle Rayner into acting as their guide as they wander off to gain some knowledge of the universe. To start, the head off to the edge of the universe and poke at a cyst containing a relic of the universe that came before. This, of course, results in a bad guy getting loose called... er... Relic.

Not bad; it's was nice to see Rayner trying to talk rather than fight even though that didn't pan out. But space sharks? It's a cool sounding idea, but why would sharks in space evolve to look exactly like Earth sharks? Just silly.

WORLDS' FINEST #13 - Huntress and Power Girl steal some information about the attempted takeover of Starr Industries by the Desaad-run Holt Enterprises and end up spending the issue beating the crap out of a large dog from Apokolips.

That really is all there is to this issue; not one of the best by a long shot, and the art is just horrible, particularly the splash page of Power Girl.

And what made me smile:

Oh Brickwedge, we hardly knew ye.

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