Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Green Lantern: Looking Ahead

In last week's Green Lantern #21, new writer Robert Venditti took a leaf out of ex-writer Geoff Johns' book by including a last page glimpse at future storylines so I thought we'd have a look at what's there.

Front and centre is Relic, the big guy in red and black. He's already down as the bad guy for the immediate future, having had the briefest of appearances in the flash-forward in Green Lantern #21 and been confirmed as the villain in September's Villains' Month event.

In the top left there's a blue world exploding . . . or a world exploding with a blue light. Is that Odym, home to the Blue Lantern Corps? The ships heading away from it - are they connected?

Above Relic's head is the life entity in it's white cocoon so looks like that'll be turning up again.

Top right is Mogo above a wall or cliff face of screaming stone figures. Has Mogo got some sort of natural prison on his surface? Are the two images even connected?

Below that are a couple of hooded, gun-toting baddies who could be just about anybody.

In front of them is what appears to be a Star Sapphire - is she the new villain Nol-Anj that we saw in this issue who's apparently made her jailer fall in love with her? Or someone else entirely? Oh, and I see that just when Carol's uniform has become a lot more sensible with the black covering most of what was exposed, with this Sapphire we're back to either a see-through netting or a costume that's the same colour as her skin so she appears mostly naked.

And then, in the front at the bottom, is Hal himself, apparently choking in the dust. It may be the colouring or my imagination, but are his eyes oddly coloured?

Lots of questions, not many suggestions. Anyone have any?


  1. No clues, here but it looks promising so far. I loved Johns' ending for the various GL characters, especially Sinestro, but this villain and future scenes do look interesting. It also looks as though Hal's going to still off-world for now, which is messed since he's supposed to be paroling his home sector of earth. Plus, I know I can't be the only one wanting him to fight his old earth-bound foes, but sine this all occurs in a rebooted world..eh.

    1. Yeah, looks like Hal's going to continue being a space cop for a while, rather than on Earth, but to be fair, his sector incorporates more than just Earth.


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