Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday Night Fights - Big Blue Scout vs Big Red Cheese

It's Friday and, as is tradition, Spacebooger hosts the Friday Night Fight from 11PM EST.

This week's Monday Meme focused on Friendly Fire - two heroes who would normally be pals beating the crap out of each other - and when I put that post together, I knew what I'd do for tonight's fight.

Woah! Holy Moley indeed! Has Superman lost his mind?!

Thankfully Captain Marvel manages to right himself quickly. Maybe he can find out what's wrong with Superman . . .

Ha! Superman references comic books and the whole copyright infringement case which claimed . . . wait a second! Never mind that - what's Captain Marvel "doing working for a madman like Adolf Hitler?"!!


Oh no! It's not Superman who's lost it but Captain Marvel! He's been brainwashed by the Nazis!

Nazis? Hitler? Comic books? This doesn't sound like the normal DCU. Like Superman says, "What in blazes is going on around here, anyway?"

Hold on there . . . something's off about that S-shield . . .

Oh, okay, I admit it . . . this is pre-Crisis Earth-2, still in the midst of World War II and Captain Marvel's been separated from his Billy Batson alter-ego, turned into a "super-Nazi" puppet and sent out to battle Superman.

I don't care how tough he is, Superman had to feel that!

And he's down! Out for the count as Flash and Plastic Man look on!

You know the drill by now: once you've recovered from the "sheer, fearsome impact" of Superman crashing to the ground, head over to Spacebooger by clicking the picture below, check out the other fights after 11PM EST and vote for your favourite.

This Superman vs Supernazi fight first appeared in All-Star Squadron #36, cover dated August 1984, written by Roy Thomas with art by Rich Buckler and Richard Howell.

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