Friday, 25 February 2011

You Want Very Tiny And Loud, Judd? You Got It.

Thanks to Sally P over at Green Lantern Butt's Forever I've just read an interview with Judd Winick over at CBR which I would normally have ignored.

In the interview, Winick talks about Justice League: Generation Lost and what's going to be happening in the closing issues which are fast approaching. It's probably no surprise that it's all building to a big climax (which is apparently a three issue long fight scene) but that wasn't what drew me to read it.

Sally P's blog post was called Tiny But Loud.

As I started writing this, a new post landed in my feed reader from Stars And Garters called Tiny? No. Vocal? Hell, Yes!

And then there's the title of this post. Anyone spotting a pattern?

It all stems from Winick's response to the question about the characters of Fire and Ice to which he responds:
"I love where we went with Ice. There's a very tiny but loud contingent of people on the web who didn't like that we revamped her origin, but I thought it was more acceptable to what we were doing."
That's right, folks - you, me, the other bloggers, everyone who shouted on the DC Message boards . . . we're a "very tiny" bunch of people. How wonderfully condescending, Judd.

Ice's new origin was revealed back in issue #12 while this week saw the release of issue #20 with four more to go, three of which, remember, are going to be a big fight scene. That really leaves just one issue in which Ice's ret-conned origin (which regular readers will know I bitched about here) has the opportunity to prove itself worthy. And why should it have to prove itself?

Because of something else Winick says in the same interview:
"...nothing we did in the story was for shock value. In my opinion, everything that's done builds upon other things."
See that? It was all done for a purpose.

Is Ice going to save the day in that three-issue fight scene with her newly increased powers? That's really the only thing her new origin could offer but, again, as I pointed out before she already had increased powers! And if that's the case, the ret-con won't have built on anything at all.

And while I'm almost loathe to mention it, one other thing in that interview made me cringe:
"To answer you question another way, [Fire's] someone who I'd actually like to revisit a little later, flesh out a little better than we have."
Not content with pointlessly re-imagining Ice, Winick's tempted to turn to the other half of that pairing.

I'd be worried if I were you, Fire.

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