Sunday, 27 February 2011

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #119

Ravager encapsulates my feelings about those bloody things

It's Sunday which in my world equals comics!

  • BLACK TERROR #14 - beneath the almost generic Alex Ross Clark Kent-like cover, this final issue's actually pretty good on the whole, wrapping up Black Terror's solo series neatly. Sure, it's not earth-shattering and some may say it's a little trite but I think it works. Now if Project Superpowers Chapter Three would just hurry up and arrive . . .
  • GREEN ARROW #9 - how can you tell Etrigan's guest-starring in a book? Because the air stinks of rhyming dialogue (I'm not going to glorify it by calling it poetry.) Etrigan poisons the Star City forest, leaving Green Arrow to fight giant bugs and threaten to burn everything down. Have to admit, I'm still waiting for this series to do something different; it's not bad, but neither is it that good.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #20 - Judd Winick has managed to piss me off again this week (see this post from Friday) and this issue is part of the reason. As he did with Ice, Winick ret-cons Max Lord's origins turning him into a mother-dominated megalomaniac. And to finish off, he has Blue Beetle pronounced dead on the last page. I'm still hoping that's going to do a 180 - Beetle's suit is extremely advanced alien technology which may be able to do something for him.
  • JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #48 - Flash takes on Scythe, Mr Terrific apparently can't read any longer and there's finally a hint of why this city is so important as it apparently harbours a big, dark secret. Not a dreadful issue and it gives me hope that Guggenheim's stated aims of playing the long game will actually pay off.
  • POWER GIRL #21 - with Justice League: Generation Lost pissing me off, I feel almost schizophrenic in admitting that I'm liking the Judd Winick-written Power Girl series. As Power Girl tries to convince the Dick Grayson-Batman that Max Lord is real, the Bruce Wayne version shows up, convinced she's right. Meanwhile her company is being dismantled by what I'm guessing is going to be PG's new corporate nemesis, Ophelia Day. It's a balanced mix of the superheroic side as well as her civilian identity and I'm really glad that - somehow - Winick's writing works on this title. Now as long as he doesn't ret-con her origin so that she's a victim of child-abuse, her Earth-2 origin was all a dream and her powers are granted by sacrificing puppies to the Lords of Chaos, I think I can live with him on this book.
  • TEEN TITANS #92 - this completes the two-part adventure from Red Robin which I didn't bother picking up. Again, as with Green Arrow which is also written by JT Krul, it's not bad, it's just a little by-the-numbers. Red Robin re-joins the Titans at the end of everything and they all plan to track down the Calculator.
And what made me smile:

It wasn't the two-page spread at the end of Justice Society of America as the JSA All-Stars finally arrived (complete with mystery new members on the left) but rather it was a detail from it:

Hourman has his symbol on the sole of his boots!

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