Monday, 28 February 2011

Monday Memes #9

As we all know, the titles of comics have to appear on the cover, usually right at the top. Every now and then, though, the cover artist does something a bit different and puts the Title in Shot, whether it's part of the scenery:

or even part of the dialogue:

Ah, dialogue on the cover. Why isn't there more of that these days?


  1. Because if there was dialogue on the covers, they couldn't do the interchangeable generic covers that 90% of comics seem to have today...

  2. Argh, Snell beat me to it. I love that if you show me a cover from "back in the day" I can tell you what happened in the story. Show me one of the "interchangeable generic cover" of the last four or five years and I would be hard pressed to tell you little beyond the title.....

  3. Some fab examples, there. Ed Hannigan was a great one for integrating titles into his art, too, back in his Spidey days, especially. And of course, The Flash had a fair few, and Legion's The Great Darkness Saga was a corker.

  4. "interchangeable generic covers" eh? That bears a bit more investigating....

    More Titles in Shot to come, by the way, along with a whole bunch more cover memes!


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