Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday Night Fights - The Wedding Crashers

It's Friday and, as usual, Spacebooger demands pain!
Weddings are a special occasion, there's no denying that. My own is the best wedding I've been to - obviously - closely followed by those of my friends and loved ones. While there were a few drunken moments at some weddings which caused a pang or two of regret the next morning, there was nothing serious, just good, happy times.

Unlike the wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary a few years back which got crashed by Deathstroke.

Seriously, Deathstroke - stealing Canary's ring? Is that a smart move?

"Bridezilla", Ollie? C'mon, man, that's the woman you're about to marry. You know, if it weren't for the hordes of villains trashing the place.

I just love Red Arrow's facial expression there!

Ouch! High heels straight to the crotch! Not even Spacebooger could survive that!

Okay, you know the drill by now: head over to Spacebooger from 11pm EST and check out the other fights then vote for me. Or someone.

This wedding was crashed in the Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special cover dated November 2007, written by Judd Winick with gorgeous art by Amanda Conner.

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