Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Resolution: Must Diversify More

Would it surprise anyone that someone who collects, blogs about and annotates comics also has a slight interest in numbers, statistics and graphs? No, didn't think so.

As part of my year's end round-up I found myself wondering about what I'd bought this year in terms of ongoing monthly comics or one-shots. Five minutes later, thanks to the export facility of my comics database and the joys of Excel, I was able to produce this:

That's a break down of how many comics I bought each month by publisher. You can click on it to enlarge it but those tall red columns? That's DC Comics, folks - 90% of the comics I bought in 2013 came from one publisher with Image Comics in second place getting a mere 5%.

I've always been a DC fan - I started reading them as a kid and their characters and series (Green Lantern and the various Justice Leagues in particular) called to me more than Marvel ever did. But that graph shows me that I need to branch out a little more . . . hell, a lot more.

Am I going to go towards Marvel? No, I don't think so. There's only so much convoluted superhero history and continuity I can keep in my brain at any one time and it's still full of pre- and post- Crisis, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis and the New 52 at the moment.

What I will be looking for, though, is more from other publishers, Image in particular.

Wonder what that graph will look like next year?


  1. I've tried to diversify for years, but I still lean heavily toward DC. Once you get past DC and Marvel, you really need to commit to another publisher outright because it's a matter of title-to-title with the others.

  2. Likewise I don't even bother to graph that shit myself. I'm sure Dan from might. I'm mainly a DC guy at heart as well, but ever since the reboot, I've been buying less and less, with an occasional interest in Forever Evil. Otherwise Batman's my favorite, and thus I stick with him. Otherwise some of Marvel's stuff isn't too bad. Deadpool and for right this minute, Uncanny Avengers has my attention. Otherwise, like Dan, I highly reccomend the indies,epecially Afterlife with Archie. It's fucking awesome.

  3. Afterlife with Archie is great.

    I buy a few Dark Horse Star Wars titles. Might go after one or two of the upcoming Alien/Predator titles. Image gets a few here and there. IDW as welll. Dynamite pops in on occasion. I try and keep it pretty even.

  4. Like I said, I've always been a DC bloke and in the main I follow characters rather than creators (though there are some exceptions) so it's hard to ditch a character I've been following for thirty years or so.

    I'm determined to branch out, though, and if a DC title I collect gets cancelled, I won't immediately think to replace it with another DC title.

    Another problem is I like to get in at the start of something so I'm looking for brand new series rather than jumping in after x amount of issues.

    We'll see what happens over the coming months, I guess.

  5. I'm mainly a DC reader as well, at least at the moment. I have zero interest in getting back into Marvel. I've read IDW titles, Darkhorse and a couple others. So far I only plan on getting one Darkhorse mini series but I might get some TMNT trades. I just can't think of anything in particular I'd like to get outside that.

  6. Aside from Marvel series that Garth Ennis has written (principally the Punisher titles) I've never really been a fan; if anything, I think I'm going to be looking more towards Image over the next year.


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