Sunday, 5 January 2014

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #255

Yeah, you tell . . . hey, hang on, that's what I do . . .

The good thing about picking up three weeks' worth of comics in one go? Lots of comics! The bad thing? Being away this weekend and not having time to do a thorough write up as I normally do - well, you know, not that I'm ever that thorough.

So to race through these, I've decided to go all Twitter and do each one in 140 characters or less.

ALL STAR WESTERN #26 - Black Mercy shows Jonah his heart's desire; Constantine kicks it out of Swampy; Gina shows she isn't to be messed with. Excellent stuff!

AQUAMAN #26 - New Atlantean Council = new Atlantean pains in the arses; Aquaman's got a new mode of transport. Not bad; trying too hard? Maybe.

FOREVER EVIL #4 - Bats shows Cats his cave; Luthor shows Bizarro his soft side; Superwoman shows she can't be trusted; an old foe shows up. Not bad at all.

GHOST #1 - Ghost fights demons and tries to get her life back; ends up making a deal with the devil which is never a good thing. Excellent start.

GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #26 - Thought provoking situation from last issue? Violence solves everything! Should have been better but wasn't terrible despite this.

GREEN TEAM: TEEN TRILLIONAIRES #7 - A bunch of rich kids with superpowers that I don't care about battle another rich person that I don't care about. M'eh.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #26 - Syndicate's other members get origins; Superwoman's still not to be trusted; the Hooded Man has an ally - I think it's Superwoman. (And I also think the Hooded Man's the dad as well - okay I cheated on the character count here.)

LARFLEEZE #6 - Orange Lanterns revolt until Larfleeze realises he has the power; meanwhile Council of Ten (which has 9 members) is here! Oh no! Apparently.

LEGENDERRY: A STEAMPUNK ADVENTURE #1 - Lovely steampunk art as Green Hornet and Vampirella meet Red Sonja (or her sister?) in a fast moving tale. Splendid stuff all round.

PRETTY DEADLY #3 - Was starting to feel a little jaded but halfway through & BANG! the creators pull me back in with a cracking 2nd half of the issue.

THE SAVIORS #1 - Stoner sees small town sherrif become alien lizard man and gets chased by him. Great start to new series from James Robinson.

SIN BOLDLY #1 - Sinful Suzi is a fun tale of demons; Obsidian Stone is dramatics with a chainsword ripped from Abslom Daak. Yeah, I linked to a Dr Who wiki.

TEEN TITANS #26 - Kid Flash was bad in the past which is also the future; will the Titans still love him? Yeah, probably. Not brilliant but not terrible.

TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA #6 - Blight crossover continues but I'm not following; lots of civilians saved but JL Dark get killed. Or not. Depends on your interpretation.

And what made me smile:

I told them to get a cake ready . . .

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