Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Perusing Previews - January 2014

A bumper issue to start the year which is just as well as I'm stupidly busy with real world stuff like applying for a new job and things so apologies if it goes a little quiet round here.

Still: onward!

Why do you need to show something clearly labelled as a "12 Inch" figure with a ruler next to it? Especially one which is clearly longer than 12 inches?!

I like my Judge Dredd classic so haven't bothered with this new series but the idea of 13 Dark Judges made me sit up and ask what the drokk is going on?! Let me guess . . . Judges Death, Fear, Fire, Mortis, Doom, Poison, Explosions, Misery . . . ummm . . . Grumpy . . . Happy, Dopey, Doc . . . no, hang on . . .

After the recent news of Disney passing over the Star Wars comics to Marvel, best if you get these while the going's good.

I'm a Star Wars man rather than a Star Trek one but have to admit this made me chuckle!

I'm going to go ahead and guess that's not a book about plants that flower later in the year.

Remember the ill-fated WTF Certified promotion DC launched then cancelled before it launched last year? These made me ask the same question - who the hell came up with this concept?

I picked this out simply to highlight the fact that Stan Lee will put his name (and give an "Excelsior!") to anything these days.

So here I am trying to live up to my self-imposed edict to diversify more - I'm thinking of picking this up.

Similarly I'm slightly tempted by this, more for Goran Parlov's art than Millar's writing if I'm honest.


  1. Holy Shit! Batman and Superman leg lampshades!? WOW! I never thought I'd see day there'd be an unofficial A Christmas Story/DC crossover. Color me super suprised.

  2. Dale had the same comment I was going to make. I'm amused/pleased that they chose male heroes for the leg lamps though.

    I don't like most of the Expanded Universe in Star Wars but I did enjoy some prequel novels and Darkhorses' comics. This is kinda of ironic since the same thing happened to IDW with the Angel line moving over to Darkhorse to join the other Whedon properties.

  3. Those leg lamps just baffled the crap out of me, I have to admit.

    The only Star Wars expanded universe novel I've read was one written by a friend of mine - Dawn of The Jedi: Into the Void - and he put me in there (sort of!)


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