Thursday, 16 January 2014

Kryptonian Super Power #523

Comicosity has a preview of Suicide Squad #27 which features Power Girl; as I don't get the monthly title but am a fan of PG, I thought I'd head over there and see what was happening without worrying about spoiling any surprises - like I said, I don't get the title so no worries.

Here's page 2 of the preview:

Dear Lord, the poor woman has no spine! I'm not an artist or a biology student but even I can clearly tell that people do not bend like that! And her legs - surely her right leg (the one closest to us) should be bent at the knee to help support that weight?!

Definitely one of the boobs and butt tag of EscherGirls, I think.


  1. It's surprising that artists are still doing this. Are they not aware that the Internet has been mocking it? Do they not care? Are there actually more people who like this pose than find it ridiculous? Find out next week, same Prime time, same Prime website...

  2. It's crazy, isn't it? Most artists (I'm assuming) would have done some form of art schooling where they learn how the body goes together - I guess they're just going for boobs + butts = sexy regardless of whether it's physically possible or not.

    Still doesn't explain her bizarre stance, though.

  3. It's too bad, because just looking at his linework and facial expressions, Sandoval strikes me as the sort of artist whose work I'd like. But that pose, yeesh. As you said, it makes no sense.

  4. somebody should send DC the "How To Draw The Marvel Way" instructional drawing book i think it would help. although when it comes to the Suicide Squad reboot the art is the least of my issues with it so it's kind of a moot point i'm still hating the New 52 in general.


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