Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Moore vs Morrison

You've probably seen what's being billed as the last interview with Alan Moore doing the rounds lately; much of the commentary has focused on the section where he talks about Grant Morrison.

Quite a lot:

(That's a Wordle of the interview I threw together)

In an attempt to be balanced, there's a good article here where Morrison gives his side of the story.

It's a long read and not just about Moore's feelings towards Morrison but, perhaps predictably, that's what the online comic fans have found the juiciest - after all these years, they get Moore's unrestrained thoughts about the man he thinks of "as a Scottish tribute band."

There's no deep insights from me here - I like the writing of both of them, though I'm definitely more of an Alan Moore fan - but this served as a nice intro for me to post the following by Ty Templeton whose blog and cartoons I enjoy every week and who offers his own take on the Moore vs Morrison palaver:

Click the pic to get the rest of it.


  1. The more I read of Moore the man, the far less I respect him. Someone who rightfully thought he did some pretty good work, and then sort of let that define everything about him, and by extension mean that no one else ever (except dead white men) could possibly compare. Morrison's interview is better than his book Supergods.

  2. I admire Moore for sticking to his guns, turning down film money and the like, though as time goes on he seems less like a man of principles and more like a self-righteous git.

    By and large his writing is excellent, though.


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