Sunday, 19 January 2014

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #257

The same could be said for many things.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #27 - John and his crew attempt to track down the criminals who were released just prior to Oa's destruction who, unknown to John and the others, have been co-opted by a band of Durlans who, it seems, are intent on destroying the Corps. When Hal Jordan sends his broadcast out about the Corps being the only law in the universe, sector houses are attacked and John & co come to the rescue of some Lanterns captured by the Khund.

Not bad on the whole; nice to see the old villains being re-used though I'm not that impressed with Evil Star's redesign if I'm honest.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #11 - J'onn and Stargirl fight against Clayface before attempting to head to LA to find Stargirl's family. Along the way, they stop and help where needed, Stargirl all the while trying to focus on the job and not linger on something bad that happened during one of her earliest outings. Just as they get underway again, Despero attacks, the issue finishing with Courtney in terrible danger.

Again, a good solid issue, the story moving at a good pace and the art clean and effective.

VELVET #3 - as her old employers try to track her down, Velvet follows a lead in an attempt to find the killer of her friend, using her womanly wiles to find the contact's location: a prison in Yugoslavia. She manages to get her out and is all set to get some answers when the contact flips things around, leaving Velvet with next to nothing.

Things pick up this issue after last month's slightly slower tale. If it keeps up like this, I shall be happy.

WORLDS' FINEST #19 - Power Girl's convinced her powers are on the mend but, when she attempts to prove it, they predictably go haywire. Huntress, then, decides that enough's enough and she needs help so she sets out to contact Batman (the man who, on her world, was her father) the easiest way possible: by breaking into the Batcave.

Ho hum. After the horrible art, there's a bunch of things wrong with this issue not least of which were Power Girl casually killing a squid; and then her legal team failing to see the heat vision pouring from her eyes even though they're just a couple of feet from her. I so, so want this series to be better.

And what made me smile:

The expression on Starbreaker's face!


  1. Sad to hear that Worlds' Finest isn't getting better. From what I hear at least Power Girl seems to be better written in other appearances.

  2. Oh no kidding Starbreaker!? Wow! I haven't seen him since the Jurgans League days. Why did he look like Sinestro so much though? And Evil Star too? About damn time! I've been wanting to see him and whole host of old GL villains.


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