Friday, 29 March 2013

WTF? Use A Spoiler Warning, People!

A couple of days ago, I bitched posted about the steady reveal of DC's previously known as WTF April covers, the ones where the gatefold reveals a surprise related to the story within.

Regarding those series I buy, I've managed to avoid all of the reveals simply by not clicking on links that say "Click here for the full cover!" It's a simple procedure - if you have a surprise of whatever sort, offer people the choice of whether or not to reveal it.

That choice wasn't apparent on the otherwise excellent New Earth 2 blog this morning where the full gatefold cover of Worlds' Finest #11 is on display, revealing just who Power Girl is really getting it on with - if you want to see who it is, click the picture on the left.

It's not a massive surprise given the solicitations for forthcoming issues but even so, it caught me by surprise as I went through my feed reader - no warning, it was suddenly there on my screen.

I fear I may have to hide from the internet for the next week or two.

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