Thursday, 7 March 2013

Perusing Previews - March 2013

Sure, he may not have been on our screens for years now, but Jeremy Brett is still the go-to reference for Sherlock Holmes.

Ooooh, now this is tempting. From Hell is one of the best books I've ever read regardless of format or genre. I think I might be treating myself.

This is where the last Fantastic Four film went wrong - Galactus isn't an amorphous smoky space blob; he's a bottle opener.

I was all set to grumble about this Ghost collection being solicited when issue #4 isn't yet out . . . then I read it's out today so no worries. Not to mention finding this article where Ghost is confirmed as an ongoing later this year!

Come on, world, are we not tired of the Keep Calm and... thing yet? Here in Britain it's bloody everywhere and has been for years.

Flicking through Previews I caught a glimpse of this and thought - Blue Beetle logo T-shirt! Darn it all, though, it turned out to be Spider-Man.


  1. The Holmes / Domino Lady is been co-written by a friend of mine Bobby Nash, he has written several books and comics and wrote with Nancy on Domino Lady vs The Mummy.


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