Wednesday, 27 March 2013

All That Glitters

Last week in Justice League, we saw various heroes try out for positions on team, including the latest version of Platinum from the Metal Men. Trouble is - as these situations so, so often do - there was a bit of a brawl when Platinum lost her equilibrium.

At one point, she threw Firestorm, Blue Devil and Goldrush away from her:

but luckily, Flash caught Goldrush:

A call back to the fact that earlier she'd been flirting with him. Skipping over the fact that Vixen's left leg appears to have been amputated, cast your eye over Goldrush - for a woman who's covered in golden armour, she looks awfully . . . pink.

There you go, the latest in the range of colouring corrections from Crisis on Earth-Prime.

Feel free to ignore this post if it later turns out her gold armour vanishes if she's knocked unconscious or something.

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