Sunday, 24 March 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #219

No, pray tell.

Sunday comics round-up:

GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #18 - everyone been reading recent issue of the other Green Lantern books? Good, then you won't be surprised to find this one follows the same pattern. The First Lantern turns up, shows some Lanterns (in this case mainly Carol Ferris's Star Sapphire) how things could have been only to be fought and disappointed at the end of it.

These little vignettes for all the Lanterns could have taken up a couple of pages in one issue rather than being spread out over half a dozen. It's a needlessly drawn out affair that is becoming more than a little boring. That said, the art by Hendry Prasetyo is very nice.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #18 - it's recruitment day in the Justice League and using his ability to interface with any tech, Cyborg invites a bunch of heroes up to the HQ to try out for the big guns. We get to meet a handful of new characters, a handful of established ones and are left with Element Woman, Firestorm and the new Atom joining the team. Of course, it wouldn't be a meet-up of heroes without a fight as the new Platinum (why would Magnus give her lipstick-coloured lips?) goes haywire and freaks out a little. It also turns out one of the guests is a traitor (my guess is Goldrush) who's hacked the satellite and stolen all their data. In the Shazam back-up, Billy's secret is learned by his fellow orphans and Dr. Sivana gathers the Seven Sins.

It's not a bad issue though the clichéd hero fight is . . . well, a little clichéd. God forbid there's an issue where people actually get on together.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #2 - as the new Secret Society recruits members, so the new League comes together for a press conference announcing its arrival, if not its real mission to take down the other Justice League. They're sent off to tangle with the Society that almost killed Green Arrow and are instead faced with Professor Ivo's Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman robots. In the Martian Manhunter back-up, J'onn allows an assassin to almost get to the President in the White House just so he can stop him, convincing the President that the new JLoA are needed.

Not bad on the whole, though again Finch's artwork seems cramped on many pages as he tries to fit in more panels than is perhaps necessary.

SWORD OF SORCERY #6 - while Amy learns how to use her powers in Gemworld, John Constantine manages to strike a deal with Eclipso on Earth, having figured that he's originally from the land of brightly coloured jewels. Betraying Amy's trust, he sends Eclipso back to Gemworld which, unsurprisingly, doesn't end well for those who bump into him.

Only a couple more issues to go and it looks like Amy will be having a big showdown with Eclipso. Having read numerous Constantine stories over the years, I have to admit to being surprised that he'd betray Amy; just seemed more bastardly than normal.

And what made me smile:

Vibe picking his chair up and moving away from Hawkman - splendid!


  1. That was an absolute classic Hawkman moment!

    1. Yeah, it genuinely made me chuckle out loud.

  2. An Eclipso/Gemworld connection actually makes sense! - blimey.

    This new Platinum is rather charmless, both visually and character-wise, though Geoff Johns at least hinted that Platinum hasn't yet 'found' her personality.

    So who was wearing Armani? Not Constantine, surely.

    1. The Eclipso/Gemworld thing is so obvious, it seems odd no-one'd done it before.

      I hope the Metal Men get better treatment than this Platinum but, as you say, she's still really in beta.

      As to the Armani, it was the devil in the Stalker back-up in Sword of Sorcery.


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