Sunday, 31 March 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #220

Superboy's not impressed with Red Robin's new digs.

Sunday afternoon = comics.

ALL STAR WESTERN #18 - Catherine Wayne is rescued from the clutches of Vandal Savage by Jonah Hex and the erstwhile Dr Arkham though only just and not with the finality that they might like. And after all that, Hex decides to finally leave Gotham behind and return to the Wild West. Elsewhere, in the Stormwatch back-up, Dr Thirteen returns to these pages to be offered the chance to witness some supernatural events.

Splendid stuff as ever; this really is one of my favourite titles.

AQUAMAN #18 - the mysterious Ice King rises from the depths while Aquaman has his new army scour the world for Atlantean weapons in the hands of the surface dwellers. Orm's sister Tula makes an appearance and Arthur asks Vulko for information, while Mera attempts to deal with the police.

It's a good issue with lots happening and plot moving along nicely though I wonder why Vulko gets tried by Atlantis while Ocean Master gets stuck on the surface?

FATALE #18 - another done in one history of the strange powers that some women appear to have. This one's in the Old West and has some gorgeous artwork by Sean Phillips along with some lovely twists and turns in the story. I do like some Western horror.

FURY MAX #10 - Nick Fury's reminiscing continues, this time bringing us up into the Iran/Contra scandal. Fury finds himself in Nicaragua where he meets a familiar face for those of us who read Ennis's run on Punisher as Barracuda shows up as a Special Forces soldier running his own game. It's going to build to a showdown between the two, you can pretty much guarantee that.

THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN #18 - trying to find who has kidnapped Ronnie's mother leads Firestorm to take on some old enemies only to end up falling into a trap when Multiplex makes his debut in the New 52, though he's guided by some shadowy figures. A tried and trusted counter-attack manages to both defeat him and rescue Ronnie's mum, though.

Not a bad issue; I wonder just how much the shadowy figures will play in the last two issues to come, though. Oh, and the method of defeating Multiplex has been done a million times before which was a shame.

TEEN TITANS #18 - Tim mourns the loss of Damian before rejoining his team and leading them in an attack on Belle Reve in order to save a teenaged metahuman. No surprise they run into the Suicide Squad, then, before Red Robin and Amanda Waller strike a deal. Elsewhere, the mental bad guy is still loose and Trigon shows up.

Not bad, though the mourning after Damian seemed a little forced; is Red Robin himself or has he been swapped with an imposter? Hard to tell at the moment.

And what made me smile:

Hex leaves Arkham (and Gotham) behind in splendid fashion!


  1. That Hex bit is class.

    I missed Firestorm, dang it - I never even knew it was due.

    The Fortress of Attitude quote seemed a tad out of nowhere, the art didn't make Tim's boat seem that out of the ordinary.

    1. I'm still waiting for the Pamiotti/Gray Freedom Fighters series we all know is coming!

      While the line from Superboy may not have been apt, you say "Tim's boat [doesn't] seem that out of the ordinary" - it has multiple levels, rooms, auto pilot, a swimming pool and a high tech control room . . . what sort of boats are you used to, Martin?!?


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