Sunday, 17 March 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #218

Not your dad's Captain K'rot

Sunday comic round-up:

DEMON KNIGHTS #18 - the team are reunited in their quest to help save Themyscira from the vampire army of Cain but despite their best efforts, they're too late to prevent him setting sail, though they are able to help the Amazonian shore guard defeat a small band of the vamps. While Exoristos finds out her friend's helping Cain, Jason Blood pulls a fast one on Etrigan, just in time for Vandal Savage to turn up.

Robert Venditti continues to impress; Paul Cornell left some big shoes to fill but he's doing very well here.

GHOST #4 - as Ghost returns to the Mayor's mansion, so we see her as Elisa Cameron in years gone by attending the same function. As Elisa in the past, she loses her life; in the present as Ghost, she gains a modicum of revenge against the demon masquerading as the Mayor, though he possesses to fight another day.

It's not a bad wrap up and I'll certainly be picking up the ongoing series later this year. If I have one complaint it's that the male leads all look very similar, particularly when they're all wearing white tie and tails, and it was a little difficult to work out who was doing what at one point. Still, a good mini-series on the whole.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #18 - John Stewart and Fatality are subjected to the First Lantern showing them different paths their lives may have taken depending on the choices they made, until they're both worn out and at his mercy.

It follows the same plot as recent other GL titles - Wrath of the First Lantern is more like It's a Horrible Life at the moment and I'll be glad when something new happens.

SAUCER COUNTRY #13 - it's election day and both sides are playing the game, one trying to get Arcadia Alvarado elected, the other to prevent it. Trouble is, Arcadia's people aren't entirely sure which sides hoping they win. And elsewhere, Professor Kidd makes a discovery and has some friends capture his hallucinations.

While the main story's going to wrap up in the next and final issue, I really hope Cornell and Kelly get to continue this elsewhere.

THRESHOLD #3 - a crazed Blue Beetle chases after Jediah Caul before regaining his senses; Star Hawkins turns up to help Caul; Captain K'rot has a proposition put to him; Stealth gets a name; and Beetle meets up with a god. Oh, and the Larfleeze back-up is funny.

Ah, good, fun comics. Thank you, Keith Giffen. This series continues to be good fun, though the whole Hunted plot may start to wear thin eventually, but still lots happen, especially when compared to the glacial pacing in titles like Justice League or Swamp Thing. Splendid stuff.

And what made me smile:

I give you Brickwedge the horse, the most sarcastic animal in the New 52.


  1. Financial considerations had me reluctantly dropping Saucer Country before the cancellation was announced. I've been grabbing the. Issued issues cheaply here and there....I'm eager to see the wrap up"

    1. It's good stuff and like I said, I really hope they get the chance to continue it somewhere else. Maybe Image will take it?


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