Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What's In A Name?

Over the years I've met a few people named for various other people or things.

I've known a Kayleigh, named after the Marillion song.

I've known a Stevie, named after Stevie Nicks.

I've known a Layla, named after the song that drives me nuts but not as much as Wonderful Tonight does.

And while I've not met any, I'd be willing to bet there's more than a few 30-something Lukes out there, named after a certain Mr Skywalker.

But I think even the most ardent Star Wars fan would balk at naming their child after Chewbacca's son:


Dear lord . . .


  1. So...I shouldn't tell you my sons name...huh? ;^)

    Seriously though, while being named after my best friend and myself (carrying the name David through a third generation, even as a middle name) he does share first and middle names with a comic character. Jonathan David. Do you know who is also named that...mind you, not a prominent Super Hero or anything, just a character that is important in a certain characters mythos. Kinda of proud how I slipped this one past my wife...although she thought it was kinda cool when I told her.

    1. The only one I can think of right now is if Pa Kent's middle name was David...?

  2. Exactly. I didn't really think about it when we came up with the name...but being the comic fan I am, it seemed appropriate.

    Also, you do know that Lumpy was first introduced in the Star Wars Holiday special...which also introduced Boba Fett.

    1. Hey, I guessed right!

      And yeah, I know about the Holiday special - a friend of mine gave me a copy years ago and I still can't bring myself to watch it.


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