Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I'm Extremely Photogenic. And About To Pop Out.

Last week's Justice League of America saw Steve Trevor putting his team together prior to a press conference to announce them to the world. The various heroes turned up and sat round a table but of all of them, one caught my eye - Catwoman.

She wandered around the entire issue wearing a costume that was open from her shoulders to her navel, leaving her heaving alabaster bosom open to the elements and, probably more to the point, the reader.

Now I've said before that I've no problem with skimpy superhero attire but this just struck me as both gratuitous and impractical. Imagine wearing this:

and going out to face Darkseid or Despero or someone. I think it's a safe bet that the "Rated Teen" on the cover would quickly head to "Suggested for Mature Readers" in seconds flat.

And is it meant to be sexy? If so, I'm guessing David Finch has never heard the expression "Less is more"

Here you go, Selina - hopefully this covers both practical and attractive:


  1. Well, it's got a zipper for a reason. Zippers go down, but they go up, too.

    1. And that's the point - zippers do go up, too. This open to the navel suit just seemed ridiculous to me.

  2. And at one point in this issue Catwoman says 'my face is up here' to a male character whos obviously staring at her breasts.
    Catwoman dear...if you dont want men staring at your tits then COVER THEM UP and theyll pay attention to your face!


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