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Who'd Like A Cocktail? #179

A talking horse? Who's ever heard of such a thing?

Sunday afternoon comics round-up.

CROSSED: BADLANDS #5 - written by Jamie Delano with art by Leandro Rizzo.

Our three groups of survivors seem liable to meet up with each other next issue at the least; we get a glimpse into the very disturbing psyche of the ex-military intelligence woman; the twin sisters narrowly miss a water-borne band of Crossed who then run into the redneck compound before Leon, the stoner on look-out, spots them. There's a harsh punishment waiting for him which is bound to build into the climax in the next issue or two.

The different groups all waiting to meet up for plot purposes sets this apart from the Ennis-written stories but it's still tautly written, though some of the dialogue rings hollow to my ears. All in all not bad.

DEMON KNIGHTS #9 - written by Paul Cornell with art by Diogenes Neves, Robson Rocha, Oclair Albert and Julio Ferreira.

The Knights arrive in Alba Sarum, named for the two princesses who rule it, determined for the place to be declared the New Camelot with the help of Merlin; once that's done, the princesses will marry each other. With Merlin murdered, however, neither the Camelot status nor the marriage are going to happen but thankfully Madame Xanadu's smart enough to realise that Merlin, while immobile, still lives and proposes the Knights take him to Avalon to be cured. Crossing the English Channel, though, they run into something a little out of the ordinary while Etrigan, returned to Hell, meets up with his boss Lucifer, planning to sell out Avalon and the other Knights to him.

Another cracking issue with some lovely art complimenting the great writing. With the potted history of the characters in the first couple of pages, this is an excellent jumping on point. Well worth a read.

FATALE #5 - written by Ed Brubaker with art by Sean Phillips.

Booker's deal with the devil doesn't quite go according to plan but, thankfully, he'd come prepared, leading Josephine as bait to the bad guys' beneath the city where they prepare to sacrifice Hank. Josephine manages to rescue Hank and they run into Booker where an old score is settled before a particularly gruesome gift is handed over. And back in the present day, things start to follow an inevitable path.

This has been great so far, a wonderful mix of noir and Lovecraftian horror, both played subtly except when needed and blended together to great effect.

If you're not reading this, you should be.

FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. #9 - written by Jeff Lemire with art by Alberto Ponticelli and Wayne Faucher.

Frankenstein goes on a mission to track down the missing Animal Man but he's certainly not happy about it, holding Father Time accountable for the way he treated Lady Frankenstein and their child as seen in the last couple of issues. While he and Nina don't find Animal Man, they do find creatures of the Rot which seem impervious to anything that Frank throws at them until S.H.A.D.E. throws a bomb at Frank's request, leading to a poignant moment as Frank contemplates just what he is.

Another splendid issue which is, sadly, Jeff Lemire's last. It's been a sterling run all told and it'll be a shame to see him go but fingers crossed Matt Kindt will do okay from next issue.

GREEN LANTERN #9 - written by Geoff Johns with art by Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy, Keith Champagen, Mark Irwin and Tom Nguyen.

Jordan is attacked by the newly Indigoed Sinestro who actually apologises for everything that he's done to GL in the past. Getting free of them, he finds his way to the source of the Indigo Tribe's power along with a native called Natromo and finally gets to learn how they came to be and Abin Sur's involvement in things. Turns out Abin and Natromo started making indigo rings and giving them to really bad people who, once wearing the rings, were overcome with compassion. Natromo also reveals that Abin had seen the future and once the Blackest Night had passed, the end of the Corps would come at the hands of the Guardians and created the rings to stop them somehow. But with the news that Abin is dead, Natromo shuts down the Indigo lantern, switching off the power rings and, in turn, freeing all the really bad guys who were wearing them.

We finally learn the Tribe's secret and it's a kicker. Johns once more lays down tasters of things to come, wrapping everything up together into a nice little package. Splendid stuff.

RESURRECTION MAN #9 - written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with art by Jesus Saiz, Andres Guinaldo, Mark Irwin and Christian Alamy.

Having been caught by the Suicide Squad, we join Mitch Shelley as he's about to be dismembered by Deadshot in an attempt to prevent him resurrecting. When the Body Doubles turn up to stop them, though, that's enough of a delay to allow Mitch to come back and cause havoc with both teams. Mitch overpowers Deadshot and uses him to get back to the Squad's headquarters where he manages to rescue Kim Rebecki who, unknown to him, has struck a deal with Amanda Waller for their freedom. The price is one of Mitch's hands for them to test. Unsure if she's a friend or not, they head out to track down the lab that turned him into the Resurrection Man.

On the whole, another darn fine story with plenty going on to carry us into the next few issues.

And what made me smile:

Aw, bless him, he's really touched by that.


  1. that was probably the best point in that Resurrection Man issue when Deadshot was about to go Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Shelley. Gary, you sure do have a lot of cocktails is it true what they say about you English blokes and drinking?

    1. Yeah, Deadshot's determination to dismember him did make me chuckle.

      Oh, and I'm not English - I'm Welsh. Calling a Welshman English is like calling a Canadian an American. :)


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