Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Perusing Previews - May 2012

It's a sleeping bag shaped like a shark and yet there's not a single "sleeping with the fishes" gag in the copy! Come on, people, if you're selling a shark-shaped sleeping bag you cannot be too proud to go for the obvious line. Jeez, I swear, you're gonna need a better writer . . .

While I won't be reading any of the Before Watchmen titles, I will definitely be ordering that Dr Manhattan T-shirt. Not sure why the yellow shirt with the blood stain is labelled "Hand" though . . .

You may as well go ahead and buy this, people - I don't think Ryan Reynolds will be wearing it again any time soon.

Having heard good things about this, I think I might pick this up.

He's got a stake! For a nose! Genius!

Is it just me or is Jim Balent subliminally tying in with the whole Before Watchmen buzz with that blood splatter on Tarot's chest?

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