Saturday, 19 May 2012

Shows Promise, But Isn't Really Trying

I read that phrase so many times on my old school reports and it would always elicit a disapproving head shake from my parents.

Sad to say, it looks like Justice League is going the same way.

Oh sure, back when it started, when the whole New 52 was . . . er . . . new . . . Geoff Johns would write back-up pieces for the book. I'm sure we all remember fondly the faux pages of David Graves's book or the classified questioning of Steve Trevor but now time's gone on . . .

Well, they're just not putting the effort in any more.

From this week's Justice League:

Look at that page. Just gibberish letters. They didn't even bother to put in the lorem ipsum text which would have been something. See? They're just not trying any more.

Would it have killed them to use something from one of the earlier back-ups? I mean if I can do this:

in ten minutes, surely someone in the DC art department can do something way better thaN "AK;JW FK'YIDLLE; DASIJ' ASNHEK"?

Come along, DC. You must try harder.


  1. Spot on, Gary - I saw that panel and was surprised they didn't either stick some proper text in, or blur the thing.

    Good issue otherwise, mind!

    1. I agree - enjoyed the rest of it very much. Just struck me as a tad strange they couldn't throw something into that book as a mock-up.


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