Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Earth 2 Hawkgirl

CBR has an exclusive look at the cover of Earth 2 #4 which features the new Hawkgirl:

You can see a much bigger version over at CBR where James Robinson says
"As the co-creator of the original Kendra Saunders, I've taken pains to keep the essence of her personality while adding a more two-fisted quality to her as well. I'm also enjoying developing another aspect to her, in that with the absence of Batman, she must also step up and become the great detective of Earth 2."
The character not only looks good - big white wings, dual pistols - but she gets to be the detective of the Justice Society as well.

Happy days, eh?


  1. cool costume, especially the helmet design.

    1. Agree, the blue/white/black colour scheme really works.


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