Thursday, 17 May 2012

Who Toasts The Watchmen?

Some people believe that Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Elvis and others held dear to them have appeared on toast.

Some comic fans hold Watchmen in high esteem, perhaps even in some form of reverential awe and we all know how they've reacted to DC's plans for Before Watchmen.

I wonder how they're going to react to the news of Dynamic Force's Watchmen branded toasters.

From the article:
""Dynamic Forces is excited to work with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to release these collectible image toasters that capture the spirit of some of Warner Bros.' most admired properties and timeless brands," President of Dynamic Forces, Nick Barrucci said via press release."
Because nothing says literary deconstruction of the superhero archetypes like a slice of toast.

Please, please let this be a joke.


  1. it wrong that I kind of want one?

    But not as much as I want one of those sandwich toasters that's shaped like a cow and goes MOO when the toastie's done. They're the biz.

    1. Is it wrong that you want one? That's for you and your conscience to work out, Neil!


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