Monday, 28 May 2012

Who Was Who Is Who #22

So for want of anything better to write about on a Monday, I'm going to go through all my copies of Who's Who and see if I can predict who will make it over to the new DCU by the end of 2012, who might make it and who hasn't got Johnny Peril's chance.

IRONWOLF - okay, what do we have here? Galactic Empire (sorry Empire Galaktika)? Check. 61st Century? Check. Anti-gravity trees? Check. Utterly ridiculous costume? Double check. Zero chance of seeing this guy again. Triple check.

JADE - as I mentioned with Infinity Inc last week, it's still not clear when the Earth-2 book's going to be set (I'm writing this 20th Feb remember - lead time!) so it's difficult to guess whether any of the Infinitors will actually make an appearance. However, Jade's one of the more recognisable among them so I'm going to go out on a limb and say we'll definitely see her before the end of the year. [UPDATE - now we know a little more about Earth-2, sadly it seems we won't be seeing Jade or any of the other Infinitors.]

JASON BARD - private detective in Gotham? Pfft - who needs him? Like there's ever any crime in Gotham. Oh, wait, what? That Gotham? Ah, okay. Maybe he will turn up in the pages of Batgirl at some point. I'll put him in the possibles.

JAVELIN - an old Green Lantern foe who went on to become cannon fodder in the Suicide Squad, he's apparently been killed a bunch of times. Probably won't show up.

JEMM, SON OF SATURN - despite John Ostrander doing something interesting with Jemm in the pages of Martian Manhunter, Jemm sort of faded away apart from a couple of appearances during the whole New Krypton thing. Don't wait up for him.

JENNIFER MORGAN - hasn't been a peep heard about Skataris or the Warlord so it seems highly unlikely that we'll see any of them, including Jennifer, any day soon.

JERICHO - the poor, mute son of Deathstroke who ended up body hopping and possessing his friends' bodies after he went mad. Or something. Then he had his eyes cut out. That'll teach him. Or something. It all became a bit of a confusing mess and I doubt we'll see him soon.

JESTER - just the sort of character James Robinson could pluck from obscurity and do something with in Earth-2 but I doubt he'll do it before the end of the year.

JINX - one of the Fearsome Five, I don't think we need be afraid of seeing her soon.

JOHNNY CLOUD - while I wouldn't bet on it, it wouldn't surprise me if Johnny turned up in G.I. Combat. He's going in the possible column.

JOHNNY QUICK - can't imagine Robinson writing Earth-2 and leaving Johnny Quick out of the running (sorry) so he's going in the definite column.

JOHNNY PERIL - who now? Naaaaaaaaah.

JOHNNY THUNDER - once more depending on when the Earth-2 series is going to be set, the Thunderbolt controlling mascot of the Justice Society might show up before year's end but I'm not as definite about it as I am with Johnny Quick. One for the possibles, I think.

JOHNNY THUNDER - this is the Old West hero so he ends up in the possible column as well, just by dint of All Star Western's success.

THE JOKER - oh of course the Joker's in the new DCU.

JONAH HEX - after the success of his last series, it was no real surprise to find Hex headlining All Star Western which has already played host to a few of his Old West contemporaries and I'm betting will showcase more by the end of the year. His futuristic counterpart, though, probably won't be showing his ugly mug any time soon so I thought I'd put his picture up here.

JONNI THUNDER - a mini-series, a few appearances in Infinity Inc. and a cameo in Crisis... We won't be seeing this private investigator again.

So in summary, two in place (The Joker and Jonah Hex), two definite predictions (Jade and Johnny Quick) and four possible (Jason Bard, Johnny Cloud, Johnny Thunder (& Thunderbolt) and Johnny Thunder (Old West))

And the summary for May:

In Place
Hawk and Dove
E-1 Hawkman
Harlequin (Molly Scott)
Heat Wave
Gunner & Sarge
Haunted Tank
Hawk, son of Tomahawk
E-2 Hawkgirl
E-2 Hawkman
E-1 Hawkwoman
E-2 Huntress (Helena Wayne)
E-2 Huntress (Paula Brooks)
I... Vampire

Injustice Society
Invisible Kid
The Joker
Jonah Hex
Johnny Quick
Jason Bard
Johnny Cloud
Johnny Thunder (& Thunderbolt)
Johnny Thunder (Old West)


  1. Yes, if Alan Scott is indeed DC's Brand New Gay, Jade has indeed gone right out of the running. Unlike Johnny Quick hahaha ...

    1. Nah, won't be Alan - already appeared since the relaunch. Not in costume, admittedly, but he's there.

  2. Johnny Peril is in the House. Or rather, the Black Room, as of JLI Dark #11 last week ... though he now looks like Dr Thirteen, and goes by the more formal John.


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